The tile kitchen project consists two kinds of tiles:
Function tiles & Construction tiles.
Kitchen accessories like an egg timer, a mortar and a hanging rack are integrated as function tiles,
which have the worldwide standard measures of 15x15 cm.
With the three dimensional construction tiles, rooms can be completely covered, because 3 dimensional solutions for corners and edges have been taken in account.
They can be used in- and outdoors and are, thanks to their rounded, seamless edges very hygienic.
By making a combination of these two kinds of tiles and normal cheap standard tiles, a flexible yet personal design can be realized. The functions of the kitchen are not hidden behind panels but are visible as a functional decoration.
The tilekitchen project offers a very successful system of customizing.
The designers proof that lots more than just covering a wall can be done with tiles.

The first series of 'Function tiles' have been created in 1997 and were presented by Droog Design at the 'Salone di Mobile' in Milan.
In 2001 there was a follow up: the 'Tile Kitchen project'.
In 2003 the project has been nominated for the Rotterdam design prize.
Function tiles and Tile kitchen