Uit de catalogus Biënnale Kijkduin 2011 Chemistry-creating new worlds

( Angela van der Burght & Hanneke Besseling)over de installatie Kijklab


" Form follows function... this adage of the early 20th-century design culture is pre-eminently applicable to the shapes of glass laboratory equipment. Even so much so that you can tell its function o the shape. Measuring temperature, air-pressure, wind speeds, direction and time; converting sea-water into fresh water; growing salt crystals and creating a gold fountain; which function belongs to which glass object?


The Viewing Lab is not only to be looked at, however. The visitor himself can participate in the process. With a pinch of a glass bicycle pump, he sets off a bubbling and foaming chain reaction, full of colour and movement. This way we experience something of the human quest for basic principles of imperceptible nature, which developed from witchcraft into modern chemical science. "


Made by Pieter Musterd